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A Pie Chart generator for Windows Phone 7 Developers

PieChart4WP7 is a Silverlight class library that provides methods and properties for developers to generate a pie chart from their own application with only 4-5 lines of code. It has a starting location options, coloring options (simple colors or gradient coloring), and line refinement options to give different coloring texture effect for the pie chart. The default color and gradient values are also set and applied if the developer decides not to enter their own customized colors/gradients.
  1. Development Platform : Windows 7, Windows Phone 7 Silverlight, Windows Phone 7 Emulator
  2. Target Platform : Windows Phone 7 Silverlight project development
  3. Programming Lang. : C# in .NET Framework 4.0
  4. Targeted Audience : Windows Phone 7 developers

This project consists of a binary (PieChart4WP7) and a source code for full implementation of "PieChart4WP7" that shows 4 different examples.

To use "PieChart4WP7" in your application,
  1. download a binary,
  2. add it as a reference from your own project,
  3. add the name of the binary in using statement in your application.

Now you're ready to use any public methods and properties available from "PieChart7WP7!"

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